Lingering on Various Emotions

by Funkie Munkie Productions

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released September 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Funkie Munkie Productions El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: Peligro Wilsonez - My Life Is A Mess - (Eric)
another work week/ just seem to fly by/
my money all gone, so i can try to get right/
the state trying to take/ almost half of what i make/
and the other half gone when I smoke another eighth,
but i cant stay straight/ unless im dulled by the trees/
and it something that I hate/ even though i love weed/
use it as a crutch/ til i feel out of touch,
with the feeling that got when i smoked my first dutch/
I should really focus on my plan/
study for my certs and take notes for my exam,
to can find a good job/ 9 to 5 to provide/
a future for my son/ let him cop a nice ride/
but i seem to just slack/ its always nice to kickback/
relax after work, smoke a blunt or take a quick nap/
after that/ im surfing the web/
Im so busy doing nothing like im already dead/
and with all that said/ I really got to admit/
It seems like everything i touch just turns to shit/
but im trying to change/ its the hardest part/
I gotta take the blame/ and seperate from my heart/
I can start by giving up/ on the hopes of finding true love/
Its just something i can never grasp a hold of/
when i should/ I dont return the affection/
by the time i care/ shes in the opposite direction/
think with my erection/ cause my souls worn down/
and it seems like chasing pleasure where im at for now/
three heartbreaks/ zero time to heal/
and the last one felt like it was time to kill/
i had to stop and re-assess myself/
cause depression is a bitch when theres no body else/
to talk to/
I feel like im ready to drop too/
how long is too long to be alone be fore we got to,
that our plans tend to fall apart/
even though we hope the opposite with all our hearts
like when love called me back/ and i couldnt even breathe
heard her voice on the line/ it was hard to beleive/
the whole time/ i was blind to the fact/
that she only wanted comfort/ never wanted me back
amd its shit like that/
makes me wonder where i stand/
cause i like to believe im a decent man
but if i am/
why would i be writing this?
I really dont know but my lifes a mess
and it seems sometimes like i need to just give in/
fuck it all whats the point? let the world win
before i sin/ i stop and think of my son/
how would he take it when he knows his father is done?
so i put down the gun/ and start trying to cope/
ONce again i find myself hard reliant on dope/
but in the scope of things/ i guess it always could be worse
and at least I got my son,my clone will always come first/
for what its worth, his birth was a blessing,
the stress was a lesson/
Ill always have a job to protect him/
Correct him/
get him of the slacker plan/
show him what it really means to be called a man/
and with that/ maybe i can learn some lessons/
like that trees are not made to be abused/ theyre a blessing/
and maybe all this time alone helped me think/
and maybe broken hearts are just a way to see/
that sometimes things arent meant to be/
and you gotta let go cause eventually/
your gonna lose your grip/maybe fall to death/
but i really dont know cause my life is a mess.
when the Stress piles up/man i gotta release,
spit a verse, for what its worth, I always feel the relief/
Track Name: Peligro Wilsonez - Mother - (Olga)
The the tears streamed down her cheek/as she she watched him leave/but this time, she was no longer weak/ sure she could do it/didnt need him around/ she laughed a little bit as she got up from the ground/its finally done/she escaped with her life/and she knew in her heart that her children were alright/better off/not knowing this fiend/she placed her hands in her lap and relived her dreams/she knew what to come/ was sure to be a test/but she felt confident/and her mind was at rest/i guess sometimes things just gotta be hard/and alot of us live with emotional scars/but she pushed on/never knowing whats next/and sometimes she questioned if this was all for the best/and the nights when she worked/sweeping up with a broom/inside she hurt/while her kids slept in the bathroom/a hard life/but the kids always knew/there was nothing in the world that this woman wouldnt do/to give them a chance/ and possibly advance/ become something greater than their deadbeat dad/another sad song/but this one ends right/because now i understand my mother's life plight/and ill do anything can/cause i wouldnt be a man/if she hadnt stepped up and shown me who I am/and everything i acheive/everything i believe/is interweaved/ with the love i received/ and even though we always fight/and tend to disagree/Im glad you were always there and the one to raise me/

Mother do you think theyll drop the bomb?
Mother do you think they'll like the song?
Even when its hard to get along,
Aint nothing gonna change, i love you mom X2

Tears streamed down her cheek, as she watched him leave, But this time she was proud of her seed,he'd become a good man, her hard work had paid off/ 5 year career plan about to take off/ and she shakes off/ any feeling of failure/strong in the face of those who would degrade her/a savior/ to the new father/same dedication/ he knows to work harder/his mother the martyr/taught him to live his life smarter/bartered her life for his jump at the starter/Sacrifice/ for her childrens life/ though the strife was rife and cut deep like a knife, she was focused on the light and kept the kids in her heart and It never would have happend if she never tried to start.

Mother do you think theyll drop the bomb?
Mother do you think they'll like the song?
Even when its hard to get along,
Aint nothing gonna change, i love you mom X2
Track Name: Peligro WIlsonez - The Hardest Part - (Tricia)
I still remember the first time we kissed/which is funny cause apparently you dont remember shit/but its all good/ we started off as a fling/good friends having fun without attaching a string/but the next thing you know/ it got a little more deep/and we lying in bed/ sharing thoughts between the sheets/and every time had sex /I felt a little more love/and everytime i held you close /i needed more like a drug/but you have your own life/and me/i have mine/and when schedules conflict/its really hard to make time/but after so many tries/the pain is hard to disguise/and even though the shit hurts/ we had to say our goodbyes/but Im glad we still talk/and that were friends on the real/and if you ever need help/you know that ill be right here/dear/I cant explain/the way things start to change/but between me and you/ its always seems like the same/our hearts just outta reach/but every word that i preach/is like a brigde to the gap/so they can finally meet/and maybe one day/ when we're old and we're grey/all that trivial shit will just melt away/and we can finally say/what been on both of our minds/and let emotions define/and put our hearts on the line/so baby dont cry/I just want you to know/sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to let go

So hard....
so hard to let go....

and even though/i know that i have to be stronger/i wish that i had held you for a little bit longer/close to my heart to let me hear you breathe/like back in the day when i was still naive/and i couldnt conceive/the way hearts can deceive/and lead a man to believe/that love is only a dream/but as rough as it seems/you were there to redeem/my love/ill always love you/ so remember that please.

i couldnt conceive/the way hearts can deceive/and lead a man to believe/that love is only a dream/but as rough as it seems/you were there to redeem/my love/ill always love you/ so remember that please.x3
Track Name: Peligro Wilsonez - Young Ladies - (Deb & Tara)
Instrumental n/a
Track Name: Peligro Wilsonez - First Sight - (Katrina)
First things first/ the girl was looking beautiful/
like when we first conversed/it was far from the usual/
the feelings mutual/
connected so quick/ we just clicked/
didnt even catch a minute of the flick/
slow walk through the park/ as she quitely remarked/
"I crave to have you close, do you feel the same spark?"
she looked into my eyes/ they silently replied/
and as our lips met, she released a deep sigh/
arms entwined/we headed out through the night/
despite the low light/her smile was shining bright/
And everything was alright/she wanted me to excite
delight her with a kiss/and she insist that i hold tight/
I just might/
holding her close/presented a rose/
left my heart over exposed/
but i never had to worry/cause the love was well received/
and through her loving mercy i was ready to believe/

soulmates/one of kind/
since the very first date/
youve been running through my mind/
never did believe in love at first sight/
but everything you do got me feeling like i might x2

so we/grabbed some dinner and a little bit of wine/
while our intellects connect we proceeded to unwind/
heavy on the mind/An intoxicating thought/
And im feeling quite inclined/cause your everything i sought/
as my fingers trace lines across your design/
Inhibitions decline/and i want you as mine/
but it isnt only sex, so im willing to wait/
and just having you close got me at a double heart rate/
why would i desacrete/something like this?
a sweet kiss/ I can still taste your scent upon my lips/
as we sit and bullshit/I cant help but smile/
cause i havent felt bliss like this in awhile/
And im beguiled/
Got me waiting for you to call/
and when you feel ready/ ill be ready to fall/
scrawled in my heart was a note written in truth/
"love at first sight, and im looking at you"

soulmates/one of kind/
since the very first date/
youve been running through my mind/
never did believe in love at first sight/
but everything you do got me feeling like i might x2
Track Name: Peligro Wilsonez - Regrets - (Rita)
yo we Sitting having lunch/a fine girly walks by/i happen to glance and we catch each others eye/she shoots a quick smile/and i quickly look down/another blown chance/i mumble with a slight frown/it seems like this happens more than i care to admit/but these beautiful girls just make me lose my shit/and every time I wanna make a move, I just pause/cause that fear of rejection is one horrible flaw/and my boys tell me/fuck it, she can only say no/and if you never even ask/then man/ youll never know/but i go with the safe route/hoping that it plays out/waiting for that day in shadow of doubt/

I shoulda did it when i could/
but I let the chance pass/
Coulda seized the day/
im always living in the past/
Like the smile on the girl i can never forget/
an opportunity replaced with regret.X2

Out at the spot/im steady browsing through books/around the corner pops a girl with all the right looks/long blonde hair/a tight tee and jeans/some sexy ass specs/early twenties and seems/like she got the right mind state/glancing over my way/I make a bees-line for the exit, now im irate/pissed at myself/but I rationalize/that Shes probably tired of getting hit on by random guys/when the truth is/i blew it/I couldnt just do it/going over what i shoulda said but im truant/too late/leave it to fate/a big mistake/now im assed out/hoping for another risk to take/for gods sakes/i need to reshape/and analyze/Cause living with regrets/your never really alive/and the only one i can really blame is me/and the answer was always there/plain to see.

I shoulda did it when i could/
but I let the chance pass/
Coulda seized the day/
im always living in the past/
Like the smile on the girl i can never forget/
an opportunity replaced with regret. X2
Track Name: Peligro Wilsonez - Another Love Story - (Nicole)
Verse 1

He had seemed so sure that this was the one/
the girl he could take home and introduce to his son/
and a good thing too/
he was craving her touch/
had Been alone for so long/
a man can only take so much/
Only a dream/
of mind dulling routine/
he was Praying for the day that he would meet his queen/
and as he closed his eyes/
and imagined the scene/
for a second its real/
but when they open, the tears stream/
reality sets in/
ex wife left him/
stuggle for a answer/
but hes drowning in the questions/
pick up the phone/
but theres nobody there/
leave your name at the tone/
then hang up in despair/
these affairs wear him down/
and hes pulling away/
shutting out the world that he resents to this day/
But through all the problems and hate that it penned/
He would give it all up just to hold her again.

Man: Are your kisses dynamite?

Woman: Don't you like my kisses?

Man: Me? Im begining to think Im 7 different kinds of a fool.
Man: I'd hate to be in your shoes right now

Man 2: Yes, after what happened tonight,I'd lock myself in my room and pray god to protect me from the devil.

Verse 2

So now she wont call or respond to his text/
And he's starting to grasp that there isnt much left/
hard to digest/
but he knows that its real/
and who would have guessed/
the resentment concealed/
outta place/
emotions erased/
a husk of the man now fallen from grace/
as he lays there alone in the bed they shared/
he can still hear her voice/
and the love she declared/
did she ever really care?/
was it always a lie?/
Or when did she decide/ he was not worth her time?/
her beauty divine/
and her voice was sublime/
he presented his heart/
a sacrifce to her shrine/
but it seemed to be in vain/
all that blossmed was pain/
Tears stain his face like the scar that remains/
and hell never hold her close in his arms again/ cause he didnt lose his lover, he lost his best friend.

Man: "You know Mary, I was just trying to figure, How many years of my life I spent waiting for you. And all I got to say is, Magic or no magic, You cant make the facts disappear.

Woman:"Well I was hoping you could make it all vanish"


Another love story/
just the way that it goes/
where Hearts get broken and friends become foes/
Men cheat women lie/
or reverse on the sly/
its always been that way/
why yall acting suprised? Ill admit there are peeps/
who will say that aint true/
And im glad yall are happy/
as exceptions to the rule/
but im out here alone/ and im sure theres a few/
who would understand the type of shit that we all go through/
with time hearts mend/
as we try to pretend/
that the next one is different/ it wont happen again/
and we pick ourselves up, with our heart on our sleeve
and we hold on to that hope, cause we wanna believe,
that our own love story is the next that we read
picture that, like finding love in my dreams.
but finding real love is always harder than it seems,
so remind me again, whats it all suppose to mean?